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Mackinnon and Watizman harpsichord under construction

Parts & Supplies:
Adam Swainson, Jacks etc.
Heckscher Piano Parts
Instrument Workshop (parts)
Paris Workshop Harpsichords (parts)
Marc Vogel Parts & Supplies
Harpsichord Clearing House (supplies)
Malcolm Rose Wire
David Law, Traditional Brassware & Tuning Hammers
Parchment Roses
Technical drawings of Harpsichords (CimCim)
Paul Antonio, Calligraphy

Concert Listings:
Bachtrack -find classical concerts


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Arts Festivals
Bach Home Page
Baroque Music Home Page
Stephen Bicknell - Organ Historian.....
British Clavichord Society
British Harpsichord Society
Rosemary Dooley - Books on Music
Early Music America
Early Music Directory
Early Music FAQ
Early Music Network
Early Music Magazine
Early Music Resources
Encyclopedia of Organ Stops
Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments

French and English Lexicon of Harpsichord Terms

Harpsichord & Fortepiano Magazine
Harpsichord Hub
Harpsichord Miscellany
Harpsichord Owner's Manual, D. Jensen
Harpsichord Photo Gallery
Harpsichord Sounds, B. Lehman
Introduction to the Harpsichord & Clavichord, J Storrs

National Early Music Association, UK
New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
List of Period Instrument Performance Ensembles
SouthEastern Historical Keyboard Society
Thames Valley Early Music
UK Concert Listings: Sounds Great!
World Wide Keyboard Bank

Historical Instruments (UK):
Bate Collection, Oxford
Cobbe Collection, Hatchlands
Edinburgh University Collection
Fellowship of Makers & Researchers of Historical Instruments
Benton Fletcher Collection, Fenton House
Finchcocks Living Museum of Music
Galpin Society For Study of Musical Instruments
Horniman Museum
International Directory of Musical Instrument Collections
National Pipe Organ Register at Cambridge
Kenneth Mobbs Early Keyboards
Royal Academy of Music Museum
Royal College of Music Museum
Russell Collection, Edinburgh
Victoria & Albert Museum

Tuning information:
Claudio di Veroli, now available as an e-book:
Unequal Temperaments: Theory, History & Practice (2008)
Bach's Tuning, B Lehman

History of Musical Pitch

Temperament: A Beginner's Guide

Understanding Temperaments

Graphic view of Historical Temperaments
Harpsichord Tuning & Repair
Lehmann's Temperament Calculator
Tuning & Temperament Bibliography

tuning machines:
Violab "Pitchman" Electronic Tuners
Marc Vogel Tuning Sets
Korg Electronic tuners
Reyburn CyberTuner
Tune Lab software
WinTemper software

Unusual harpsichords:
Lego Harpsichord
Opus 300, R. Kingston
Roland Digital Harpsichord
Fluorescent Neupert Spinet

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